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Las Palmas Apartments



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Stephen_G570 • Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2019
Alert! Alert! Do not move here unless you're comfortable with the old bait and switch move. My girlfriend and I just moved in two weeks ago and we already regret the decision. We spent almost three months searching for our perfect place to live together and we were shown a beautiful unit at this property which pushed us over the edge to signing a lease. The day we moved in we found that our unit was nothing like the unit we were shown and nothing like the unit we were promised. Completely different floors, completely different appliances, completely different light fixtures, dilapidated windows, vents, and doors. All in all a total 180 from what we were promised. However, as you can imagine when you pull up to get your keys with a moving truck, installation team, delivery men, etc it's a little hard to back out of the lease and start your apartment hunt all over again! I'm not even sure what they're doing here is legal. And I will get to the bottom of that and update this post when I do. For now, spare yourself the pain, learn from my bad experience and move on to the next complex. There are plenty in Fullerton that are newer, nicer, and less costly.
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Las Palmas Apartments

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