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Las Palmas Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2012
I have lived in Las Palmas for almost seven years. I cannot recommend it to anyone. Over the last seven years, I have - Made more than 200 calls to the security patrol due to people being at the pool too late or worse jumping the LOCKED gate after hours to use a CLOSED pool. - Had to call the security patrol four times because someone parked in front of my garage so I couldn t get my car out. The one time that I actually called a tow truck they had it up in the air when the owner of the car came out she was mad at ME because she had to pay $175.00 for them to put her car down. SHE parked BLOCKING my garage and she was mad at ME!! - Over 200 calls to the office complaining about the pool situation, the parking, dog feces, and more. The response? Lip service and nothing else. The management and corporate offices do not give a damn! The only rule they enforce is that your rent must be paid on time. The place isn t all bad. The buildings are nice and the maintenance staff is GREAT!!!! Rogilio (I may have misspelled that) is the head of maintenance and he and his crew take pride in their work, are very responsive, and really seem to care about the property and the tenants. I cannot say enough good things about them. The problem lies in management. In the seven years I have been here, they have had five or six different managers. (To be honest, I have lost count. They even had one manager come back for a second stint.) Most calls to the office were met with apathy, some with fake concern, none were met with any response. Despite an ongoing problem with people trespassing at the pool, breaking the apartment rules (the rules that were in the lease they signed!!!), parking wherever they want (in fire lanes, in the driveways, more), management did NOTHING. Even calls to the corporate offices made no difference. I actually had one idiot at corporate argue that Lyon Management provided a courtesy patrol, not a security patrol. She said Lyon did not provide for security at their complexes. This despite the fact that, 1) I was not talking about a security issue and 2) when you call the company, they answered the phone as KMA Security ! I believe she just didn t have a valid argument for why Lyon made no attempt to enforce their rules so she tried to change the focus to something else. Now we are moving out. We just had our pre-moving inspection and I received some very interesting news. It seems that no matter how well you clean your apartment, after you move out, the management will hire a professional cleaning service to clean it again and deduct it from your security deposit. This is standard operating procedure! This means that they were planning to keep part of the security deposit from day one! Why didn t they just say that they would do this? I wonder how many people spend a lot of time and money cleaning only to get hit with this charge anyway? We were also told that, normally, after the length of time we had been there, they would replace the carpeting and we would not be charged. However, we took such good care of it, so they might just clean it and keep it, and WE WOULD BE CHARGED FOR THE CLEANING! We were conscientious and tried to keep the place looking nice, so now it will probably cost us MORE money! I think these people who make these decisions are just crooks. Given the opportunity, as I am right now, I would STRONGLY recommend that people find somewhere else to live.
Las Palmas Apartments Manager10/03/2012

We noticed your Apartment Ratings.com review dated 10/03/12. Thank you for taking the time to express your experiences in writing. We take all comments and reviews seriously and use them as learning tools to continually improve our customer service. Your concerns are important to us and we would like the opportunity to address them with you directly. Please contact our corporate office at (949) 838-1248, so we can respond to your specific experiences.

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