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Las Palmas Apartments



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nairb645 • Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 11/03/2012
First of all let me say to the people writing the negative reviews: you guys are crazy. This complex is amazing. If you're currently on the hunt for an apartment in the Brea/Fullerton area... you really don't need to look further than here, and that's coming from a sane person with pretty high standards in general. Honestly, to try to even compare Las Palmas to anything else in this area is a waste of time; they are the best I have seen and the management has been incredibly professional. The units are clean and feel up-scale; the maintenance has been immediate and responsive; Laura and the rest of management has actually answered all of my emails and calls, something most other apartment complexes won't even do, I know because when I was looking, I never got responses to my emails, EXCEPT from Las Palmas. Ignore the 1.0 reviews. These people are being completely unfair. If that's all you had to go by, you'd be mislead from living in a really great complex. I mean, to be fair, I don't live right next to the Pool, so that might be a separate issue. The parking is a bit of an issue as well if you own more than one car. I don't, so my garage is perfectly fine. A lot of complexes don't even give you your own private garage in the first place, so how could I complain? In regard to the parking blocking the garages: yes, I've had that issue too, but you know what? Las Palmas aren't the people you should be blaming, you should be blaming THE OWNERS of these cars. Laura does actually care about the situation, but all you can do is get these people towed or call the cops, and to me that's a reasonable enough solution. You'll pay a little more to live here, but it's totally worth it. Also... the walls are thick and you can't hear your neighbors at all. Nobody lives above or below you either.. don't be stupid.. live here!
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Las Palmas Apartments

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