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Las Palmas Apartments



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Sue.marie • Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2013
Would NOT recommend!!! Sadly, every 5 star rating here sounds like it is written by management, "Plush grounds...conveniently located near downtown Brea...luxury(!!!)...great management(!!!!)...great maintenance...". None of that is true. The management is horrible, with a lot of turnover and they are just mean and not fair. Women, if you like to have your security violated...welcome to the many "inspections" of all of your possessions, living space, garage and more several times per year. Too much info for one maintenance man to "inspect" (violate) your personal space with the unreasonable amount of access from a maintenance guy who knows who lives in your household(watchout if you don't have a man in you household!),knows your schedule and has full access to entry into your apartment 24/7. Oh, and he brings whoever the hired help of the month is with him. Sounds like "casing the joint" to me and the crime rate supports this. Parking is terrible,maintenance is terrible (even broken pipes are blamed on tenants) and overall the horrible attitude of management and the oppressive environment they create makes this place a miserable place to live. The parking situation is due to poor management, just like everything else around here. Have problems, the one size fit all answer is "move" or we will "evict" you. Ask REAL tenants who live here---just not within earshot of the office. Get the real truth and avoid this nightmare.
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Las Palmas Apartments

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