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Milton Place Apartments



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Office Staff
KCarter96 • Resident 2010 - 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 11/14/2013
I have now lived here for 4 years but before the new community manager, Julie Ball, took over, I was ready to move. There was constant parties to the point where I would choose to stay the weekends and some week nights elsewhere. Beer bottles in the pool were usual as was vomit on the way to the alley.Word of mouth on what was then called Atlanta Pacifica was embarrassing and you can clearly see this from past reviews. Julie came in and really changed both buildings into an appreciable community. It didn't happen overnight but now it's night and day. I was very dismayed when I received the email saying Julie would only be a part time manager but even so, she has made herself available and having Luis here was a comfort because they seemed like an efficient team. These are old apartments with nothing modern about them, yet when there was a maintenance issue, Luis was there to fix it quickly,efficiently, and with a smile. Now, I receive another email informing me that he will not longer be working here and I thought Julie and Luis have done such a great job that the owners think it just magically runs itself. It doesn't. My rent has gone up hundreds of dollars without a single upgrade to my apartment. The only upgrades were the automatic garage doors and new pool furniture. What made Milton Place stand apart and become a community was the staff. Julie and Luis made living here easier and much more enjoyable. With these new changes in staff, it really makes me think the owners do not care about their tenants being happy about where they live. I don't like the idea of an unknown plumber coming into my home and for Milton Place to become Atlanta Pacifica again. I have a feeling I won't be the only one to start writing reviews as things start to go down hill.
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Milton Place Apartments

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