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Nutwood East Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
Everything about this place is terrible. The worst thing about this place is the parking situation. There is no parking on the street and the only way a guest can come over is if they obtain a SIX hour parking pass from the office..basically, friends cannot come over for more than 6 hours and that is only if they are lucky enough to obtain a parking spot. Don't even think about having your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend spend the night because if they are in a guest spot for more than 6 hours, the security is ready to tow them RIGHT AWAY..they will be waiting by their car as soon as the 6 hours is up. The only people that can spend the night according to Nutwood East is PARENTS!! you pay rent and live on your own but Nutwood East only allows PARENTS to spend the night. It's as if you're living with really really strict parents and having to pay them a ridiculous amount of money a month. The Security is terrible, all they do is come in the parking lot for 10 minutes, tow cars and leave..they do nothing to contribute to the safety of the building. During my stay at Nutwood East I have witnessed over 3 car break ins. Where was the "secutiry"? towing cars! Management shuts of the water at random all the time which means I would have to go to work or school without my morning shower all the time. Management also makes a request to check your apartment practically every month so you have absolutely no privacy! they once even told me I had to clean my room or risk being evicted (once again, like living with strict parents). They ask for a 400 dollar security deposit and I guarantee you that you will not give it back no matter what becasue they insist on changing the carpet every time somebody moves out. None of my friends and neighbors that have lived here have ever recieved they security deposit no matter how well they have taken care of the apartment. The ONLY positive about this place is that it is located across the street from Campus, but so are SO MANY OTHER PLACES. We had ant problems, and there are cancerous asbestos on the roof and lead in the walls, but don't worry, they make you sign a waiver claiming that you will not sue if you get Cancer. PLEASE DO NOT LIvE HERE!! raise rent every time you resign the lease and already have your stuff moved in! DO NOT DO IT!
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Nutwood East Apartments

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