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Nutwood East Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
I imagine that living here is a little taste of what hell would be like. Parking is completely horrid. I have a lot of friends, none of which can visit me unless they park illegally in surrounding business parking lots. I personally have been towed from the Guest parking($250) and my girlfriend was towed because her parking pass fell off and landed between the seats. Do you really want to deal with that? Every time I hear a truck I think that my car is getting towed now!!! I wake up in the middle of the night to trucks all the time. Horrible feeling to think someone basically is robbing you when youre sleeping. Noise.. I'm 25. I couldn't care less about the noise. On 1 occasion I might have been the noise. I notice a couple families live here. Baaaad Idea. I don't know where you can get off complaining about the noise when you basically live in a college dorm. The appearance is ghastly. Old everying pretty much. They keep up on the little landscaping there is. Also seems pretty safe. I dont worry however when so many people live so close its hard to imagine theres not a few nut jobs in here. The only construction I know of is when my power went out for 12 hours. We couldnt park in certain car spots thus limiting the small amount of parking there is for about 2 days. Staff is bad. I got grilled for living here with my girlfriend before I was on the lease. I'm a grown adult. I do what I want. They just seem incompetent and rude which are 2 really bad things to be at the same time. Hard to deal with. Overall a horrible experience. I have ants and roaches and also the windows arent sealed properly so when its cold, cold air seeps in. They still have yet to turn on my heaters pilot. I called them 2 days ago and to make it worse im sick right now. This place is starting to anger me!!!
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Nutwood East Apartments

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