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Rose Pointe Apartments



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ThePrecious1 • Resident 1999 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/13/2011
We lived at Rose Point (Aka Delivery truck HELL) for six years, 1999 to 2005. The major shopping center the apartments back up to have to listen to the delivery trucks and while they are not supposed to honk their horns - they all do! Since we moved they have opened more shops and a huge amount of Big-rig traffic at the back gate. Living on the second floor we shared a common stairwell with the next unit. We could hear every neighbor stomping up and down the stairs. We always live on the top floor and have learned to walk silently and never had any our our downstairs neighbors complain... Expect when we watered our outdoor planets, because it created a flood on their patio through the slated wooden balcony floor. For which our neighbors would kindly repay us by BBQing and 'smoking us out' on a regular basis. As long as we lived there a drunken troll lived in the only hot tub on site. She would float on an inflatable raft in the hot tub from sun down to lock down. The tub only fit 4 people and ZERO with her in it. The rules about not drinking in the pool area did not apply to her and she was out there 5-7 days a week. Laundry was stolen out of the driers, out of the washers, and off the counters. Yes - counters & floors. Other tenants thought nothing of removing our laundry mid cycle in order to wash theirs. Snails were such a problem that we could not walk barefoot onsite and had to remove our slimy gut covered shoes at the door. Our solution was to release carnivorous snails. If you see pointy shaped shell snails ... You're welcome (they are omnivores)! Oh yeah, it cost $1500 to have my car repainted because they set the water sprinklers during the day and ran them at night when the water pressure was much higher. My car was drenched with hard water daily for YEARS and they refused to do anything about it despite weekly complaints.
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Rose Pointe Apartments

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