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Rose Pointe Apartments



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cyastinktown • Resident 2003 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/25/2009
When I first looked at Rose Pointe several years ago and subsequently moved to, it was ok. It was better than the surrounding apt. complexes. However, after years of putting up with the b/s that goes on there, I finally moved. Why oh why did I wait so long?!?! For those of you current residents, this is already too familiar. For prospective residents, read on! To start, the water shut-off's come frequently and unannounced. (you're lucky if you get a phone call within minutes of the shut off.) Rent goes up $100 every year guaranteed. They won't give you the new appliance upgrades that vacant apts. get. We asked for fresh paint and they don't care. We actually managed to get a new dishwasher after 2 months of constant complaining...didn't work to get a new oven :( It wobbles and you have to manually hold pots and pans level to cook food evenly. Maintenance is SLOW! You will have to remind Management (Victoria) about your issues. When maintenance comes to fix the problem, they blame something else and give you some "mickey mouse" do-it-yourself fix-it. ------! Landscaping is nice...but remember, to keep it up means that landscapers come in at 7am on the dot and make as much noise as possible. The best part: We Have Singing Gardeners!!! I wish I knew Spanish because I bet it's a great song they are singing and whistling too! But I don't so it's extremely annoying. Does management care? NO. Parking? what parking? If you have a typical job, then you better hope you get home before your roommate(s) to snag the covered parking spot. If not, see you down the street at 2J's or at Target! Get it? You will when you see how far you have to walk back to the apts! What else???? Oh, if you have a rude/loud neighbor...you are S.O.L. Walls/floor is paper thin. You WILL hear your neighbors' phone conversations and just about anything else (if you know what I mean.) Example, my neighbor snores! Seriously! I think that's it...or at least plenty of inside information about why not to rent at Rose Pointe. I hope you read everything because it's all true. I am not exaggerating at all! $1700 is worth a lot more somewhere else. For you current residents reading this, I learned this as I put in my 30 day notice to move out: Victoria offered me a reduction in rent!!! WOW!!! (Too little too late.)
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Rose Pointe Apartments

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