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Streams Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/08/2013
The first problem I had with Streams was upon moving in. My boyfriend and I were moving in from two separate areas they expected us to be there at the same time to sign paperwork before moving our things into the apartment. It created a major problem because I was moving from a very far away location. I had to wait for him to finish moving his things in to move into the apartment to then drive over and help me move my things from my apartment. They then gave us a deadline to meet with them and sign the paperwork but by the time I finally got there there were only ten minutes late and not to mention I was exhausted. Management actually blamed us and scolded us for being so late. So much for being empathetic to our situation. I've had a few instances where things had to be replaced and bugs had crept in the apartment. Only 1 parking space per 1 bedroom and I was waiting for 6 months before I was notified that a parking spot became available but it wasn't even what I had asked for. I was waiting for a carport and they offered an open space that was just as far as where I normally parked on the street. On top of it I would have to pay the same amount whether I received a carport parking space or an outdoor parking space. Last, the utilities they charge are really expensive! We are planning to move out when our lease expires.
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Streams Apartments

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