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Streams Apartments



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Izta • Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2019
They are rubbish and a bag of ---- the handlers of this property has cockroaches the handler Angelica is a ----- mishandled bi would recommend never does not know how to handle any cituacion is incompetent and nefarious disgust on that property all staff Pros: 1) Relatively cheap rent 2) Good location 3) Decent floor plans and layout 4) Streams and ducks were cool, initially Cons: 1) Prevalence of lead based paint and materials that contain asbestos 2) Apartments are old and run down and things are constantly breaking or failing 3) Roaches live in the walls. Seriously, my apartment is infested with roaches 4) Everything is poorly sealed. This ties into the point above. Roaches will crawl out of holes and cracks located where the cabinets meet the walls, back-splashes, etc 5) Presence of mice and rats. My first day as a Streams resident I saw a rat walk right into someone's kitchen (they were located on the bottom level and had the door that leads to their garage wide open, thus granting full access to said rat) 6) Corporate attitude and mentality (look at the high turnover in the leasing office). Upper management doesn't care about their residents or employees. 7) No cold water. The water that comes out of the kitchen sink is luke warm, even with the cold knob turned to the maximum 8) Ugly popcorn ceiling, which most likely contains hazardous chemicals 9) Presence of families and older adults. Hello, there is a college campus directly across the 57... 10) Ducks were cool at first, but after a while they just get annoying and are very dirty 11) Streams and ponds are poorly maintained 12) Kitchen cabinet knobs are constantly coming off 13) Walls are thin. If your roommate or neighbor is having a girl/guy over, you will definitely hear it... 14) Management did not tell us we had to pay for water until AFTER we signed the lease 15) Closet doors are always coming off the railings 16) Refrigerators are not included 17) This place is not ADA friendly whatsoever. Good luck getting around if you're handicapped Moving here was a huge mistake. My roommates and I are constantly sick due to the roaches that live and breed in our kitchen, and here is the thing, the roaches will come even if you ARE clean. The reviews for this place on yelp pointed out car break-ins and theft. In the nine months I have lived here nothing was ever taken from my car (knocks on wood). In addition, one of my good friends drives an em1 (2000 Honda Civic Si), one of the most stolen vehicles in America, and has not had a single problem leaving his car parked on the streets or in the parking lot overnight. I urge those who are interested in becoming a resident here to please reconsider. The City of Fullerton should come in and demolish this place, as there are many health code violations present within these dirty grounds. One star, do not recommend.
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Streams Apartments

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