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Veranda Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/12/2009
These were very nice about 8 years ago. After several rounds of new management things have just gotten so bad. Complaints to the management are taken with deep concern while you stand in the office. As soon as you leave, so does the concern from management. One vacant apartment on our side of the complex continues to be broken into and used by a young girl(12-15 years old)and a group of adolescent girls as a playhouse! For over four months complaints to the management and security have gone nowhere. This young girl was caught by a tenant actually breaking into the weight room. And, again, no action was taken. The outdoor lighting is continually out in huge blocks at a time. Trash is always overflowing in the bins that sit at entrances to the complex. The drainage is dreadful, the water sits in the curb at the stairway and is actually stinky all the time. The weight room equipment is never in working order for more then a week. Major repairs, such as sliding glass door frames breaking due to erosion caused by poor drainage system(this took place over two seasons of backyard flooding that was ignored)has not been fixed after months of complaints that this glass door is actually going to fall. Neighbors pets are allowed to run the backyard patio areas. After many complaints most of the neighbors have given up and are letting the dog poop pile up. Carpets have not been shampooed by management for over seven years, no fresh paint in that time also. And yes, after calls to security and getting a poor response police have had to show up at this complex on many, many occasions to break up loud parties or out of control children that are running around after 10pm. In short, if you like dirty living, low security and lack of community guidelines this is the place for you. Bad guys, lax parents,and careless pet owners welcome.
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Veranda Apartment Homes

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