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CBC and The Sweeps



Resident · 2009
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
If you are a professional looking for a quiet place to live I would not recommend. If you're looking for a reasonable place to call your own during your time at college, you'll fit right in. The apartments are spacious with very large bedrooms. The management is very helpful and approachable. The office hours are not always as they promise, but problems are fixed in a timely manner. Tenants are mostly respectful, but every once in a while there will be some partying. My best suggestion: join in the fun! While we were there I noticed a lack of water every few days. They would notify us of the maintenance and shut off the water so often we began to store up on water knowing they would be shutting it off at least 2-3 times a week. The hot water and cold water seemed to be unregulated too with some apartments having no hot water and others only hot water on varying weeks. The staff were very prompt with the maintenance though so I would blame bad plumbing and design. Roaches-learn to live with them or keep your apartment clean. I know some people at the complex had real infestations, but with our apartment so long as the kitchen was clean we wouldn't see more than a couple roaches a month. The laundry room normally will have units available, but beware the broken ones that suck up your money. The staff is very prompt to fix these as well. The parking was a bit of an issue until you learn the game. Your 'assigned' spot will not typically be yours as guests park in it. Learn to park in another spot and leave a note with your phone number in case there's a problem. Generally guests will leave notes too if you really want your spot back. Everyone typically plays this game and by night you will have your original spot back. Towing is rarely enforced because the tenants are respectful and laid-back about the policy. In total it compares to most of the apartments in Isla Vista as being typical. You will find water issues and bug infestations with all the apartment complexes. The noise was mostly from other apartment complexes but due to the thin walls you will hear it all. I enjoyed the other tenants, my neighbors, and the staff. They were fair with the deposit and we got most of our money back.
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CBC and The Sweeps

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