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Garden Court Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2008
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Office Staff
There are positive and negative things about this place, just like any other. Bad things: - Some apartments have mouse problems, like the one I'm living in now. There was once a roach problem too, but somehow that is gone now. - Walls are relatively thin, but after reading other reviews for other apartments, that seems to be the trend. - Mold can grow slowly on the walls of the bathrooms because of poor circulation in bathrooms. Only one shower and one bath. - Expensive security deposit ($2225) - Lately, people have not been respecting the noise regulations that have been discussed during move-in. - Elevators are far. - One parking spot for each apartment. - Manager sounds a little patronizing, but that seems to be the pattern with Santa Barbara people in general (no offense!) - During weekends when the cleaning lady has the days off, you can see the quality of living that students prefer (it gets messy until Monday again...) - Due to the building/plumbing being ancient, there are a lot of plumbing repairs, but these do not come out of the security deposit unless you caused the plug/problem. But in some severe cases, water is shut off for a large part of the day and this happens more often that I'd like. Good things: - Cheaper than most places, can accomodate up to 4 people per apartment. - Being a girl, having two seperate vanity areas with 4 sinks total is a definite plus. - Two separate bedrooms, closets and toilets. Plenty of storage space. - Quick in fixing things when a work order is put in. - There's a nice pool and "garden"-like area. - On-site laundry room with lots of coin-operated machines and dryers. - Outside is cleaned everyday during weekdays. - Cooking friendly. When my oven element was coming down, they replaced the whole stove, no charge. - The maintenance people are really friendly. Originally I had been living on the 2nd floor, and had a really bad roommate; she was inconsiderate and a nightmare. But after I explained the situation to management, they quickly helped me find the first available apartment opening and everything was resolved. Now I live on the first floor, and I really enjoy it. Occasionally, there's noise from upstairs (because they have children), but usually noise is minimal. When there is a problem, you just let the management know and they give your neighbors a call about it. I think if you live normally, have good roommates and party minimally AT the apartment (because their policy IS no partying at the complex and low-noise desired), then you will have a nice time at the apartment!
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Garden Court Apartments

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