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Edgewater Isle



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
This place is trash and the office staff is horrible. We've dealt with Cecily on numerous occasions and she had disgusting attitude with me every time, but was incredibly flirty and friendly with my husband. I talked to a coworker also living in Edgewater about it to see if I'm crazy and found out we weren't the only couple that had that issue - there were several couples that felt the same. Maintenance employees were awesome and friendly, that's about the only positive thing I have to say about this place. Owners are cheap and refuse to update crucial things like the AIR CONDITIONERS, DISH WASHERS, etc, so they're constantly breaking down and the owners don't replace them. The neighbors are a nightmare. People speed like crazy through the apartments, and BLAST their car radios in the middle of the night. By my building there's 3 different people that get home between midnight and 3am every night, and how do I know? They blast their damn radios all the way in. Two of them usually sit in their cars for another 5-10 minutes blasting the radio. Several guys with large lifted trucks sit in their parking stalls and just rev the fking engines in the middle of the night for NO REASON. OH and Parking is a nightmare. Unlike normal apartment complexes, UNCOVERED IS NOT FREE GUEST PARKING. Every single parking spot is SOLD. We could never have guests over because of the disgusting threatening notes they would get on their cars for parking in uncovered spots that LOOK like they're for guests!!! Also, the laundramat situation sucks. People aren't courteous and don't set alarms on their phones to come get their clothes when they're done. Instead they let the clothes sit in the washers and dryers for HOURS so nobody else can use them. And there's a policy against touching other people's laundry so if you get caught removing those clothes, YOU get in trouble. It's so stupid! Also, $914 for a TINY one bedroom apartment is INSANE. This place LOOKS nice, but it's so deceiving. Everything about this place is trash. Look at the recent google reviews and ask around before deciding to move in.
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Edgewater Isle

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