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Edgewater Isle



Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
I have been living ----- in Edgewater isle for about 7 months and it is the worst apartment I have ever lived in for many reasons but I'll start with the outdated look of the apartment and awful architecture that screams 1990. The appliances are very outdated and the drawers in my refrigerator were broken when I moved in; my dishwasher constantly has water at the bottom and when I let management know of this problem they promised they would replace... that was 5 months ago. The stove is very outdated; it doesn't even have a digital clock on it nor does it have a timer, and to make matters worse the kitchen counters are TILE which means I have to scrub in between the grooves everyday to ensure a clean counter area. The " dining" area is just an awkward space of wood cabinets and right next to it is the tiny living room that wouldn't even fit a standard size sectional. Not to mention they raise the rent without notifying you which is distasteful and me being in the military affects me because my BAH is a set rate so I would need to know if my rent is being raise because I have to know come out of pocket $200 every month. They have little laundromats with 3 washer and dryers in them around the complex's and the one by my apartment has had a broken washer and dryer in it, when I told mangement they assured me the broken machines would be replaced.... which they were obviously not. There are always workers driving around the complex in golf carts doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Construction is a reoccurring thing around here which is no problem until I notice that there are always nails and screws on the ground for children and dogs to get hurt on. Overall this place is awful don't live here!!!!
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Edgewater Isle

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