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Alvista at the Bridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2005
#1 there is no security. There never was and probably never will be. There is a courtesy patrol, and they are not 24 hours. Huge difference between courtesy patrol and security. COURTESY NOT SECURITY. <br>#2 Yes there are gates. They are not Security gates, they are access gates..Huge difference. ACCESS NOT SECURITY.<br>#3 Yes, parking may suck if you own 3-4 vehicles. Come on Now..get it together..And where does your car not get dinged up in a "public" parking area. When you park next to cars there is a huge chance you might get a ding or two..that's life. If you don't like it then get a house with a garage! This is an apartment community duh!<br>#4 I've never had an issue with the management or office staff. But then again I am not someone that would go to the office and blame every little thing on them. They are human and half the time have no control over things that happen here. As long as I am treated with courtesy that's really all you can ask for.<br>#5 Lastly, so many people keep commenting on security and that there is so much crime that takes place here. CRIME HAPPENS EVERYWHERE, AT AN APT,AT A HOUSE EVERYWHERE. NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE YOUR SAFETY. AND BEYOND ALL THAT...THIS IS HAYWARD..CALL THE HAYWARD PD AND SEE HOW MUCH CRIME TAKES PLACE IN HAYWARD..A LOT..SO WHY ON EARTH WOULD WATERFORD SOMEHOW BE EXEMPT FROM THE CRIME THAT TAKES PLACE IN THIS CITY. ULTIMATELY, IF WATERFORD HAS TOO MUCH CRIME THEN EVERY OTHER PLACE IN HAYWARD WILL TOO!<br>People really just need to use their brains and stop trying to push the blame on others. You chose where to live so your bad for not doing your research before you moved. Stop complaining and get a life!<br>
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Alvista at the Bridge

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