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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 04/15/2002
I lived at Wimbledone Woods for about a year and a half. It was a good aparment for about a year, then a new downstairs neighbor moved in. I guess I was fortunate with my former downstairs neighbor because I never heard him. The new downstairs neighbor was quite a different story... He walked really heavy. So much so, that it sounded like someone pounding the floor beneath me. You would think that being on the 2nd floor, I wouldn´t hear this right? But no, I could definately hear it.. especially at night! It drove me nuts! Add to this the annoying factor that I could hear the guy talk beneath me in my bedroom as I tried to sleep. I was misreable. I ended up moving out because of this guy. It totally sucked! Anyways, if you are planning to move into Wimbledon Woods, ask about your potential neighbor! <br> <br> <br>Wimbledon Woods also has a parking problem. Every apartment gets at least one assigned space. After that, you´d have to pay an extra monthly fee to get the other reserved space. There are visitor parking areas, but not nearly enough to meet the need. If you have friends over, they probably not find visitor parking and have to find it on the street. (It´s Hayward, so I wouldn´t feel to safe parking on any street). They can´t really do much about this though since there are so little spaces to begin with though. If you have two cars, definately pay extra for the 2nd space! <br> <br>As a wholle though, Wimbledon Woods can be very nice to live in, provided your neighbors are reasonably quiet, and if you have only one car to worry about. The staff is pretty good. They tried to help me with my neighbor problem, but there´s only so much they could do (sending out letters, calling, etc..) The grounds are pretty nice actually - well kept up. The apartment I had was very clean and I had no pests. To tell the truth, I would recommend this place simply because the units are roomy compared to others that I have been in (with a decent neighbor of course). <br>
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