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Resident 2000 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 04/22/2002
Let me start by saying this is relatively a good place in the Hayward neighborhood. Most other apartment communities are junk overall. But nevertheless every community has it´s pluses and minuses. WW has some gross minuses too. <br> I totally agree about absolutely NO sound barrier at all between apartments (in my opinion it´s reason enough for them to demolish and construct newly). <br> I also agree about major thefts and crimes. Infact the recent murder just outside the community has me jittery. <br> Leasing office except for the current Manager and Book keeper(honestly) is totally screwed up. Some jerks who work there, would be better off packing bags at Walmart. <br> In 2000 Management was also racist and discriminated a lot (in allowing tenants using club house facilities). It was pretty lazy in 2001, when despite several complaints to fix major problems in common grounds fixed them in 2002. <br> Rents are worse than stock prices. Where is the Govt? where are the laws? this community loots its tenants. There is not ONE fixed rent for the community for a particular plan. They ask you your profession before quoting the FINAL price for your apartment. <br>In 2001 when management was asked why your prices are still high when the whole Bay Area as such has reduced rents. They replied saying, we believe in keeping 50% apartments occupied and charge higher rents than to keep them 90-100% occupied with lower rents. So beware, they really aren´t worth what you would end up paying. <br> Major gross mistake in 2001 was changing the Cable provider. Who the heck on earth are they to switch the provider without asking the tenants. Afterall we pay them money to live here, it´s not a refugee camp damn it. Castle cable is a junky cable. <br> Service folks are hopeless except for one or two. Service team Manager is a moron, harasses women. Does not accept his and the management mistakes. He should be cleaning restrooms in K-Mart. <br> Parking is scarce. They used to have a 72 hour limit for visitor parking which was sensible. Now they have a 12 or 14 day limit and tenants happily park their second (even third) cars in visitor lots making it inconvenient for genuine visitors. <br> Bumps on inside roads have been purposely shaped in angles. Screws your cars for sure if you are going more than 5 miles/hr. Speed limit is 10 tho´. <br> Dryer/Washer charges are costlier compared to other communities. <br> Finally some pluses. Management finally woke up in 2002. Fixed ONE swimming pool, keeps some spas clean and functioning. And not to forget the waterfall at the leasing office is functioning again this year (only during the office hours tho´). Hurray! the WW has survived the economy crunch in 2001. Water is much better than what you get in San Jose and Santa Clara. <br> One last word, the apartment is true ONLY to it´s name WIMBLEDON WOODS. The Wimbledon (tennis) facilities are great. The woods (so-called) seem pretty. The rest everything between Wimbledon and Woods has it´s own problems. <br>
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