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WWRez • Resident 2001 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 05/06/2002
I live in Wimbledon Woods, and a good friend of mine is a leasing agent here. <br> <br>irst, let me say that this complex is old, and therefore has some problems that are just simply no one´s fault. <br> <br>Secondly, everyone should understand this about the rent: it is CONSTANTLY changing, depending on the market conditions and the vacancy rate. So don´t be surprised/hurt/angry if the rent is $100 higher or lower the week before or after you sign on the dotted line. That´s the rental business. Heck, that´s just simple supply/demand economics. Also, as at many communities, you pay more for a nice view, newer appliances or a vaulted ceiling. All 2 bedrooms are not created equal, so the pricing isn´t equal. Apparently this suprises a lot of people that haven´t rented much. <br> <br>I will also tell you this: the staff works very long hours (they often spend many hours before and after the curtains are drawn) trying to get the details right and take care of residents. And if you knew what they get paid you would NEVER complain about the management here. Heck, if I had their salary you´d be lucky if I came to work with my shoes on. So the sales staff is NOT making a quick buck. Heck, they aren´t making a slow nickel. (Which explains the turnover that all rental places suffer.) The fact that they manage to dress well and act basically professional is amazing to me. <br> <br>The parking situation is bad here. It´s very bad. More than once I wondered if I would get a space at all. Even on the street. The people that laid this community out were obviously morons. I think it would be nice if they would incentivize one-car families to move in (thus giving the rest of us some some space), but they can´t do that legally. <br> <br>As for the noise complaints I read on some other posts...a resident needs to complain to have anything done. It´s not the courtesy patrol´s job to decide what´s inappropriate noise. And if there are enough complaints (in writing), the managment should kick resident to the curb. Unfortunately, they´ve been rather lax in this department given the high number of vacancies they have currently. <br> <br>These guys are not security guards. If you want security guards, you´d have to pay more for the apartment. These people just drive around and keep an eye on things and respond to complaints...that sort of thing. The truck even says "Courtesy Patrol." So don´t expect "Security Guard" behavior on a "Coutesy Patrol" budget. <br> <br>As for the cable, Castle Cable´s been fine. Sure, all satellite cable pauses or blinks once or twice a day (from what I understand). But it´s a small price to pay to be free from the AT&T customer anti-service morons. Castle Cable´s staff was really nice. And when some kind of astronomical event (sunspots??) was going to affect the signal, they even gave me a head´s up. And the interruption was basically nothing. I could have sneezed twice and missed it. <br> <br>As for the overall value here? Not bad at all. I had to live in Hayward to be near the school, and nothing else comes remotely close. I can walk to the track, go up to campus for meteor showers (you should have seen the crowd last November!) and I like the lagoon, pool, grill area and gym. By the wya, most of us had rent DECREASES this year. Pretty cool, I thought.
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