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1137 Walpert St, Hayward, CA 94541
1137 Walpert St, Hayward, CA 94541

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Walnut Hill Apartments



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Resident 2009 - 2014 Not Recommended

Reviewed 10/23/2014

We lived at Walnut Hills Apts for four years before we bought a condo. We loved living at Walnut Hills. Once we left the condo after another four years, we moved back to Walnut Hills because it was the best place to live. The management was great, the rent was reasonable, the grounds where beautiful and clean and the sense of community and safety was palpable. But that was how we remembered it. We've been living at Walnut Hills Apts for over five years and it's not has been anywhere close to "back in the day". Crime has surfaced 100 fold in the past three years. We have had our personal vehicles broken into not once, but several times, not to mention having one of our motorcycles stole early in the morning However we're just one set of tenants this has happened to. There are numerous tenants who have had vehicles/apartments broken into, and or their vehicles stolen, vandalized. As for what the management/landlord provides their tenants regarding security - that would be what's know as a "courtesy patrol" . They ONLY drive through the complex, they don't walk the complex to check for trespassers which would actually help dissuade crime. In addition, this past year they started charging for water and trash and they based those charges on sq footage as well as how many people reside in the apartment, NOT the actual amount of water used. Seriously??? My mother lives in the same complex in a studio apt and uses little water, she's a senior citizen. Her water bill is nearly $70 a month. We live in a one bedroom, two people and we pay a little over $80. What's wrong with this picture? We also have a storage room that we've had since we first moved in, it was an option provided us at not extra cost. Yay! But we just found out that in the near future that option is going to be changed and all tenants will be charged $25 for the use of the storage room. Are you kidding me!! You raise our rent when we renew our lease, you don't provide adequate safeguards when it comes to security, you now charge us for water and trash disposal that doesn't sync with the actual water use, when we look to management regarding crime in the complex all we get is call the police as if that's suppose resolve the problem knowing full well it's 're-active to call the police, solicitors that come into the complex are not questioned unless we the tenants make it a point to bring it up to the managers which is disconcerting since these "solicitors" could very well be staking out the place to commit crimes, and now you plan on taking more money from your tenants who use the storage rooms at no cost. Exactly what is that extra $25 you plan on taking from us going to be used for? Because we already know it's not going to be used for our safety or the security of our property. Perhaps your businesses are in need of funds, is that it? There was a time when Walnut Hills Apts was lovely and safe and we actually encouraged people to move here, today I wouldn't encourage anyone to do so. When tenants have to place security cameras that they bought on their balconies to protect their property because the landlord refuses to do so, you know we have a problem. We are hopeful that change may come for the better, but for now who knows
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Walnut Hill Apartments

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