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1137 Walpert St, Hayward, CA 94541
1137 Walpert St, Hayward, CA 94541

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Walnut Hill Apartments



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fridakahlolives • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended

Reviewed 08/11/2007

Let's begin with the pros: This diverse community is made-up of college students, professionals, and young families from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds; it is a wonderful environment. Located on the first level of a large hill, the complex grounds are lush and green, and waterfalls and fish ponds abound (although the fish seem to meet their demise at the beaks of resident ducks). The grounds are immaculately kept and the views of the wooded hills above are spectacular (if you live toward the back of the complex). The complex itself is located on a quiet residential street, although next to a well-kept cemetery and with quite a bit of high school foot traffic due to the high school located a few blocks away. Green trees are plentiful and sightings of wild turkeys and deer are frequent. At present we pay $1250 for a 900 sq ft 2 bedroom with wood beam vaulted ceilings, plenty of sunlight, a large balcony, and wonderful views of the hills and bay from the balcony. The rent is a pretty good deal for a good-size apartment in the Hayward Hills. Here are the cons: Only 1 parking space is assigned per unit, so unreserved parking spaces are generally always full. The street level of most buildings is assigned parking with apartments located directly above the parking spaces. This means that you will hear cars pulling in and out all through the night. One does get used to this after a few months, however, it can be a pain when you're trying to sleep and a loud car thumping bass revs its engine under your bedroom window. The walls in the apartments are paper thin and the windows are single pane, so you can hear conversations and televisions in neighboring apartments (we can even hear our neighbors snoring at night in the bedroom next to ours). Also, children stomping on the stairs or playing in between buildings can be a bit loud and I will admit that we are still sometimes annoyed by the failure of parents to keep their children from being too loud. Because buildings are so close to each other, you can also hear conversations from those sitting on their balconies, or music streaming from living room windows open in the buildings directly across. Management changes frequently, however, I have noticed that it has gone from terrificly terrible to better. Recommendation: To get the full benefit of living in Walnut Hills, select an upstairs, corner apartment in the rear of the complex. This way, you'll only share a wall with your neighbors on only one side of your apartment, and will get the benefit of the hill and bay views and deer and turkey sightings.
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Walnut Hill Apartments

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