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Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
This place has the worst management possible. Not only do they do absolutely nothing about the neighbor's dog's continuously barking, but they ignore all complaints about the neighbors next door who's bass in their home theater system is so loud, the pictures on the walls hung crooked. Neighbor's response: "it's hard to manage noise in an apartment building." Um...good one buddy...how about you don't play your bass so loud so that my dishes don't rattle. Yup. These are the kinds of people that live here. Sad really since the rent is over 2500/month not including utilities for which their old appliances help you lose an arm and a leg paying for them. Frustrating when management doesn't do anything about the noise and instead nickel and dime you. Not to mention, our bike got stolen from the garage from right in front of the car and WE had to sit in front of the footage for 4 hours looking for who the thief was INSTEAD of management taking care of it! They would not even let the cops know until many other tenants complained about their bikes being stolen. Also, the elevator hasn't had a valid permit in over a year (and it's always out of service). Management's excuse? CA is backed up in permits and they're waiting to receive theirs. That's the lamest thing I have heard. Stuck here for now, but can't wait till lease is up. DO NOT move here if you value your sanity. But, who knows, you might get lucky enough to not end up next to any neighbors. They're desperate for tenants and they'll let anyone live there now. OH yea. There's ONLY ONE guest parking spot which is usually taken up by our obnoxious neighbor, or by the maintenance guy, so good luck having visitors (they can pay for metered parking which ends at midnight).
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