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Park Heights Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I will say this in all caps!!! DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! A disabled friend of mine moved in late December of 2012. In the 6 weeks it has been since the move in date and this review... - HER LICENSE PLATES WERE STOLEN AND FOUND ON A STOLEN VEHICLE - MY LICENSE PLATES WERE SWITCHED WITH A STLOEN CAR LICENSE PLATES WHICH LED TO A UNWARRANTED RUN IN WITH THE POLICE -MY CAR WAS STOLEN FROM THIS COMPLEX AND STRIPED DOWN -1 OF HER NEIGHBORS WAS THE VICTIM OF A HOME INVASION ROBERY ON 2/8/13 IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY -2 OTHER NEIGHBORS SUFFERED THE DAMAGING EFFECTS OF ATTEMPTED BREAK INS DURING THE WEEK OF 2/4/13 - 2/8/13 I attempted to bring this to the front office attention and I was told by a nasty person named "ERNEST" "What do you want me to do? Stand in your doorway?" When continued to ask him about security he had me banned from the property which I told him was against the Americans with Disabilities Act. My disabled friend relies on me to care for her and I am afraid for her safety! I told him if you ban me I will be forced take legal steps for her medical safety. His reply, "We have lawyers too!" The security only does a 2 hour foot patrol every night and 4 drive thru's a night... the back gate of this "gated community" I always open. The night I found out my plates were switched the SBPD officer told me that people are stealing cars and coming to this part of town to take good plates so the cops wont know the car is stolen... yet when you talk to Ernest about securing the complex he will avoid answering... when u press him for a answer he will have you banned. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! YOUR CAR - GONE!!! YOUR BELONGING INSIDES THE HOUSE - GONE!!! Ernest is very condescending in tone... He has thrown people out of the office, hung up in people faces over the phone, and extremely sarcastic... DONT MOVE HERE!
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Park Heights Apartments

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