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Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
Cosmo Lofts seemed like a nice place to rent. Cool industrial style architecture, funky features, located in a hip area, etc, however, there are some serious downsides to this place. You can read the rest of the reviews to learn about the petty complaints, but if you are considering renting from Creative Environments, you should be warned about their landlord. First of all, he is never around when you actually need him, instead, he makes himself available only at the most inopportune moments....such as at two in the morning, when I am trying to sleep. My landlord, who, as his job permits, has keys and therefore access to my loft, has been abusing this privilege by sneaking into my home in the middle of the night to watch me sleep. At one point he even crawled into bed and spooned with me! The rest of the aspects of the location seemed okay, and he only did it a few times, so I figured I could just change my locks and deal with it. It was really important to me to have a place where I could both work and live. I decided to get a dog as a sort of "alarm system" which could also keep me company. That worked out well in keeping out my landlord...until he broke into my apartment and let my dog out, causing it to run away. He then painted over all of my furniture in army green; a color I absolutely despise. I could not prove it and did not wish to lose my deposit by moving out before the end of my contract, so I just had to deal with it. When I actually did have maintainance problems, I would call him and he would come over to my unit rather quickly, I must admit. However, in his sick sense of humor, he would ask me to do things such as "fix his pipes" instead (making unpleasant gestures), when I would merely inform him that my sink was backed up. When my garbage disposal stopped working last month, I called him and he took 6 six hours to fix it, and insisted on taking off his clothes to "keep cool" during the "grueling" process. When my heater malfunctioned during the winter, he implied that I didn't need any heating because he could keep me warm. The last straw came when my landlord took up the habit of streaking through the building during different hours of the day and making obscene gestures at me as well as at other tenants in the lofts. Apparently, he is indiscriminate in his sexual harrassment. He would then proceed to eat meals in the common areas completely naked, where just about anyone could view him. It was impossible for me to conduct business. I decided to move out immediately after that. When I gave my notice the landlord, I was shocked to find that, in his psycho rage, he had set fire to my car and doubled the cost of my rent. I don't recommend that anyone else rents from Cosmo Lofts as you will be stuck in a contract and unable to escape this place.
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