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Resident · 2005 - 2009
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Office Staff
Hi. Cosmo is clearly not worth the headaches. It looks like they are going bankrupt, so they are not a safe place to rent. I first moved into Cosmo within six weeks after they opened in 2005. Since then, I have never been late on rent, NEVER. But, when I moved out at he end of my lease, and left the space is PERFECT CONDITION - they notified me it was in perfect condition ( I hired a professional cleaning company, so I left it sparkling) - they have refused to pay me my security deposit. They claim that "due to their financial hardship", their payment is going to be another 30 days late (they already are in breech of California law (CIVIL CODE SECTION 1950.5). As you may know, they are supposed to keep deposits in an escrow account. Obviously, this isn't the case. Please understand that I'm a tenant who always paid on time for four years, plus I have written notice from them that I indeed left my space in PERFECT CONDITION - with zero additional move-out charges. And yet still, they don't have my security deposit. Obviously, their going broke. Additionally, I am going to have to take legal action. More information on them: Originally, they had 24 security, a nice parking lot, and very nice amenities. Since that time, the building has not-so-slowly taken away every reason why I moved into the building. They took away their security within a month of me moving in, they leased their parking lot to an outside company - and they jam far too many cars into their lot. Originally 16 cars were in the lot, not they house over 40 in the same space. Hence, there is NO SPACE to walk between cars, or get to the building from the parking lot. Anyway, don't be swayed by the building - it is cool, but my God they are in crisis mode and they are a headache.
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We apologize for any trouble you may have had with the previous management company. At Polaris Property Management, we can assure you that problems like these will be acknowledged and taken care of immediately. Our number one goal at Polaris is to ensure the happiness and comfort of all our residents. Our company focuses on providing tenants exemplary service in a quality environment. We strive to create long-term sustainable value for our properties. We promise to go above and beyond in the quality of service and management. If at any time you may have any issues, concerns or comments; feel free to contact our property manager.

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