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Franklin Regency Apts



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/24/2008
I am currenlty at the end of my lease. I wanted to right a recent review since there has not been one posted since 2006. I have lived in many apartment complexes before both new and old and quiet and rowdy and this one tops it all. Apartment:It is a nice size apartment but dont be fooled. From the 1st month I had all sorts of problems from leaks from the roof to flooding because of improper drains on the patio during the rain to the most disgusting smell ever.. I seem to have a new problem everytime i would come home. The apartment complex solution to almost every problem was to do a temp fix and paint over it. The worst of all these was a horribe smell (smelt like sulfur and feces) that lasted 3/4 of my lease until i refused to go back in. Parking: You are assinged one parking spot which is nice, but 90% of the time there is some ignorant person that parks in front of the drive way blocking you from getting in or out. If you are lucky enough to get in the drive way you wil be greeted by a gate that does not open. (Trust me it not the clicker, I replaced batteries 4 times). Once inside the garage people will park in front of DO NOT PARK SIGNS and block you in or make it almost impossible to get in or out of your spot. Complex: The neighbors are great people and i have never had a problem with any of them. The one problem with this apartment complex being indoors is the odors. Everytime i come home there is a different horrendous odor in the hallways (most of the time it is marijuana). The rooftop pool and spa are a nice addition to this complex, however both the pool and spa are about the size of a bathtub. Management & Faculty: Both Steve and Davina are very nice peope and do whatever they can to help you with any problem. However the maintenance guy is a different story. I have had many conflicts with him. He does not know how to fix anything and will talk down to you. He will then go back and tell management that he fixed the problem. Overall I would not recommend this place to anyone. The rent is going up to close to $1500 for a 1 BD/1 BA. For that amount of money no one deserves to be treated this way.
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Franklin Regency Apts

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