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Sycamore Towers



Resident · 2004 - 2012
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Office Staff
This place used to be "ok". It's run by Don Royale Property Management Company and the lady that runs it, -------------, is a total douchbag, a liar, and has no respect for tenants rights, or the law! We had at least a good building manager, ----, and then she fired him for refusing to do illegal things for her. Enter two "new guys" who clearly have no problem doing illegal dirty work for her. I had one cat that was approved by the former manager, and then these guys come in and search my apartment, illegally, and next day I have notes on my door saying I will be evicted unless I get rid of my cat (See Photos). Some BS about "tenants threatening to leave" if I did not get rid of my cat. WTF? Lots of people did leave but it had nothing to do with my cat. In fact, there were notes taped to my door everyday to the point it became harrasment, and everybodys door. I decided to move out right then and there. Some of the notes were quite funny, like "come see your new and improved recreational room" (see Photos). The improvement was it was now never going to be open, and when it was (not on weekends mind you, or after 4pm essentially if you work your not allowed to use these minimal amenities) they chained up the doors to both perfectly good working saunas, and scattered random trash and thier garbage throughout the pool area (See Photos). Painted the common areas pepto bismol pink, and began spraying "air freshner" that has gave the place the atmosphere of a tijunana hostel (See Photos). Classy. Draped those ------ "for rent" signs on the building like you see all over the valley, and it was just an embarassment to live there any longer. I moved just on the basis of being threatened and harrassed with eviction, (pu-leaze!!!), and 15 other people decided the same thing too, all in one month! The apartments really medicore to begin with. Pipes always broken, water shut off a lot, hotwater heater broken often, laundry machines are ----, and always breaking. I had two parking spots in tandum and the new guys decided to take that away too, another incentive for my boyfriend and I to leave (See Photos). Run from this place. Run fast, very fast! You do not want to get suckered into a ------ place to save a couple hundred bucks. It's not worth it. Horrible Horrible Horrible HORRIBLE people.
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Sycamore Towers

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