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Sycamore Towers



Resident · 1995 - 2011
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Office Staff
The Don Royale Company went downhill fast when it changed at the front office. When Don retried and hired this woman to run the business, it changed for the worse. There use to be 2-4 employees working there when I was hired. Now there is only one person in charge. Why is that? Even her own mother couldn't stand to work for her, that's what I was told! My story, My boss wanted me to lie under oath to evict a tenant. She was going to doctor pictures to say the tenant didn't respond to the notice that she received. ((Those reviews are available to read on the other sites. IMHO they're true because I was to be part of this.)) I was blown away when she wanted to do that. Then she wanted me to lie about recieving funds(rent checks) from another tenant so that she would be able to start eviction proceeding against him. That was because that tenant knocked heads with her and he possibly put in a change of address to her office. Again I didn't want to be part of this. Therefore: It's obvious that she wanted me out of her life because I was not willing to lie or do dishonest things for her. I'm not aTEAM PLAYER to crime and never will be. When she was going to lie about photos, she asked me if I was a team player. The district attorney dropped its case against me because of the lies told to the police. She lied on the police report but in depositions, she blame them for those statements. When they read two of my witnesses statements they drop the charges against me, they sealed them and destroyed them. I keep reading these lies about me on this site about me entering people apartments without giving notice. Folks, it never happened. I was accused of that from a tenant who was displeased with the way the building was responding to her work request. I posted the notice just as I always have and always will. I did my job that day. It was the total lack of responsibility by my boss, who went on vacation and didn't think it was necessary to do the work right away. I called my boss and told her how upset that tenant was. Phone records show the sequence of calls made that day. That tenant lied about not recieving any notice. (By the way I was with two maintenance people when we entered the apartment that needed work done.) The tenant asked for the work to be done and I had every reason to believe that she knew we were coming. I filled three lawsuits against this company. Two of them settled in my favor. The third case is still moving forward. The criminal case was dropped by the city because they saw my boss for what she really is. I'm being treated for the years of abuse and harassment that I recieved working for this person. I also injured myself while working there that fell on deaf ears. Yes, I was made homeless by this persons lies. Right now I'm being retreated for those injuries. I expect to be compensated for that and only wish that she would become to much of a liability to be insured. The woman has a history of verbal abuse, talking like a truck driver making threats. Again there are a couple of people who wants to help me out who has been abused by her. The building was completely full when this happened to me. The building went from making $19,000 when hired to over $34,00. The building never had any break ins, or trouble. It was always clean. The tenants living there where quiet at night and we hardly ever had any issues with people sleeping in the hallway. When I first moved in this neighborhood was terrible. We had homeless people living in the park which I always did my part to make sure the building was safe. Those claims are total lies about people sleeping on the floors and cats and dogs running around. No dogs and maybe a couple of cats which even the previous manager had and was okay by Don. Those who packed up and moved out in support of me, were mostly business professionals. These people all paid rent on time. Don't fall for the hype that the building wasn't managed well. There was never any write ups on me. 14 plus years and nothing. They had 2 depositions where she could have presented such non sense but there wasn't any. Those making claims otherwise don't know the facts and if you thought I did do that then why didn't you say something? ??? Yea right. Did I mention that I got married to an amazing woman from Sweden. She has been taking care of me.
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Sycamore Towers

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