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Beachwalk Apartments



Resident · 2004 - 2011
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Office Staff
never had a complaint nor nething negative to say about this place, stood up for the mgmnt n maint wrkers when other tenants would complain or trash talk. I can say that I loved to call this my home! then new mgmt took over a yr ago n have made me hate to be here. The people that mgmt have allowed to move in here showed me that back ground screening is not used n they will let bottom feeders in here! Was quiet, now u got kids tearing up landscaping, bouncing balls off cars,windows,doors and mgmt took 4mths to get control of kids. spriklers water the walkways so u get shower if u up early goin to wrk, plus u get water stains on ur car if u park on the street cause spriklers water street not grass! If u park in asigned space the trees collect early mrng moistore n mixes with sap n drips all over the cars makin ur windows filthy every mrng so u have to stop at gas station to clean em so u can see. U cant wash em down at apt cause they put a lock on the common area water spiket. I could go on with all the complaints but i DONT CARE about this place and would need to type atleast a 1000 more words! So good luck to ne new tenants n take a look at the mgmts n u will see how they dont have control of their own lifes(eatin habbits) so they want to have control over tenants and hav u live in fear of them, but we have basic rights n if u exercise those rights they will give u 30 to 60 days to move out. So go on line and know the laws of wat they can n cant do to U plus wat u can do to them when they break the laws(2 of us are filing $5000.civil suits next mnth)Go look at other properties use this place as last resort and moveout asap. The walls N window siles that face west have mildo n will give u respotory problems
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Beachwalk Apartments

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