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Sandpointe Apartments



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SANITY, BY ALL MEANS AVOID AVOID AVOID. I've been here for a month and a half and I've never been more stressed out. I came from across the country so I spent months looking at places before I settled on this one. Everything seemed to be great and the leasing agent was pleasant over the phone when discussing prices and availability. I moved into the apartment expecting everything to be in good shape. I should've known when the leasing agent did not know where anything was placed in the office. She conducted a walk through with me without any proper paperwork which should've been a red flag, but since I've moved from across the country, my options were limited at this point. After signing papers, my boyfriend and I decided to give a more thorough clean of the apartment. From a quick glance, everything looked okay, but after cleaning, we noticed that whoever cleaned did not do a good job. The bathroom was grimy as well as the fridge that we needed to air out. The first night, as we were setting up the furniture, my boyfriend noticed a bug crawling on the wall that had come out of the light switch. Thinking it was a tick, I emailed the leasing agent the next day to report the issue. I received no response and since I did not see any similar bugs and being caught up in settling in and starting my new job, I did not follow up. A few days later (still receiving no response), I started waking up with bug bites. I originally thought this was because I had left the windows open so I decided to close them again. This was after having to get maintenance over to fix one of the windows that wouldn't close. I was still getting bites so I emailed my leasing agent AGAIN. I tried calling the office with no answer and finally received an email approximately a week after the second saying that she can address my concerns over the phone. I work all day and with children so I am typically unavailable to answer so I advise people to send me an email. She mentioned she would do this in the voicemail, but she didn't. I was able to reach out to another person after calling the office who scheduled a visit for the bug person. I found a bug and captured it and told the person on the phone if he could please let the bug person be prepared to schedule a treatment ASAP as I was getting severe reactions to the bites. After more complaints, I received a phone call from someone in HR who said treatment would begin in a week. This was unacceptable considering how fast bed bugs can spread and how badly I was getting bit. As a side note, each person I spoke to made it seem like it was my fault. She finally moved it up by a few days. Treatment lasted over a month with most of my belongings stored in my car. While this was going on, NO ONE I SPOKE TO REFERENCED MY LEASE AGREEMENT REGARDING ANY CHARGES. No one said "If we find this to be the tenant's fault, then you may be expected to pay X amount as stated in the lease." There was no mention of this in any email, voicemail, or phone call. If so, I would have been fine paying since I would have been given over a month's notice so I would have been able to budget accordingly. A week after my final treatment, I came home to a letter on my door stated that I would be responsible for over $600 for treatments. This did not come in a form of a phone call or email. There has been no courtesy on the side of this company at all. The letter also stated incorrect dates as to when they received noticed of bed bugs. Today is 10/25 and they are expecting me to pay my rent + treatment with only a week's notice. This is a terrible way to treat residents and each person I have spoken to have not been helpful at all. You receive no follow up from any problem you mention. The maintenance guy is much more personable then any one who works in the leasing office. I am now stuck in this place as I am only in the area for a year so I am going to have to suck it up. If you are planning to move to Huntington, there are many more places out there that treat you like a person and do not just see dollar signs. If this place is your only option, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING because they will turn the tables around on you. My lease doesn't end until next September, but I am already preparing myself for whatever charges they'll have me pay or just not getting my security deposit back. It is extremely unfortunate to have gone through this situation since I would have really enjoyed living here as my neighbors have been friendly and the area is quiet.
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Sandpointe Apartments Manager


Thank you for taking the time to express your experiences in writing. On behalf of Lyon Living I apologize that we did not exceed your expectations with our response efforts to your reported concerns. If you have any questions regarding the terms your lease, please reach out to Jeff, the Property Director at Sandpointe. You can schedule a time to meet with him by calling 714-969-0615 or emailing [email protected] Your feedback will be used in our on-going training efforts to improve our customer service. Your message has also already been forwarded to the appropriate manager for further inquiry. If you wish to discuss this in greater detail, you may contact our corporate office, Human Resources department, at 949-838-1243. It is our understanding that you are currently in communication with our representatives to work towards a mutual resolution to improve your experience. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation as we collaborate on this resolution.

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