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St George Apartments



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pchbreeze • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
I was sold by the fact that they have a garage and laundry hook-ups. I thought I could tolerate a lot of bad management because its so hard to find around here. I've decided that dealing with coins and even parking on the street would be better than to deal with such horrible management. <br>All my neighbors were very friendly but hesitant to tell me how bad Kathy, the manager is. I was invited over to a few of my neighbors places and after a few drinks, it became clear that she doesn't do anything but collect rent and kick out people who ask for simple repairs. I had broken windows for many weeks when painters broke them, and she never had them fixed. When hers was broken by the painters (after mine) she had hers fixed that day. Apparently, she had forgotten about mine. These same painters stole one of my empty laundry buckets and started using it when they were here. I know because they took the only one that had my name on it (from when I worked in construction). <br>Heater never works right. Doorbell has also never been repaired. Actually, I've done all the repairs around here myself, and even still I get treated like garbage. I dont know why, but there's a pattern of non-hillbillies getting treated bad. Normal white people get treated bad also, apparently. Quiet neighbors evicted for too much noise? <br>Owner doesn't care about anything either. Poor maintenance guy is some heroine addict, obviously by the glassy eyed hazy glare he constantly has. Nothing is ever fixed, no matter how long you wait. I was very patient but I've been here 6 months and I'm still waiting for move-in repairs that are cheap and shouldn't take that long (aside from the ones I did myself, such as exhaust fans and dead-bolts). <br>Nothing will change, because the owner and manager are obviously in total cooperation. Kathy is never accountable, and thats fine with the owner. Good luck if you dont heed my warning. I'm moving out and I'm ready to move to ANYWHERE, and I have a lot of property, and a new car which I'm willing to park on the street, and washer/dryer I'm willing to donate to charity just to get out.<br>Everyone says that rent constantly goes up also. I wont hang around long enough to find out.<br>Other than your garage, forget about parking (friends, or a second car). Noise from Warner is pretty bad. I never got used to it and I used to live on a major street before, near a university campus.<br>At least they painted the outside last month...apparently the termites and roaches aren't as much of a priority as aestetics.<br>Lighting is another issue...I was concerned for my girlfriend coming over, and they finally got some night time lighting but God help the ladies if those lights ever go bad again. Apparently they hadn't fixed them in at least 2 years.
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St George Apartments

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