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The Dunes



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
WORST MANAGEMENT COMPANY EVER!!! We are current tenants of the building at 709 N Inglewood Ave. When we moved in, the manager told us that they do NOT have pest problems (We specifically asked). Guess what, it was a lie. Since we moved in, we had numerous neighbors warning us about the cockroach infestation in our building. Management refuses to fix the problem. We finally had to get the city involved, who is forcing them to remedy the situation, however Mabry is playing legal games and is refusing to fix the problem. They are doing the minimum possible every month to meet their legal requirements without having to actually fix the problem. Every month, they force us to completely move out of our kitchen and bathroom so that they can come in and have a guy with a tank spray our cupboards for 3 minutes. This takes us hours to empty all our cupboards every time and is a complete waste of time. It has ZERO effect on the cockroaches, and does not even put a dent in the problem. We keep begging Mabry to try something different but they refuse. We keep calling Alphred at Mabry and he is completely disrespectful to us and just keeps telling us to "Move out is you have a problem". This guy seriously needs to be fired. Every month, there is a turnover of people moving out of our building, I assume this is why. The building manager is no help, we complain to her and she just says "Put in a maintenance request, thats all I can do". We've lived here for over a year and she still refuses to put our name on the door buzzer. People are constantly bracing open the "Secure Gate" with a garbage can. And the cops make monthly visits to the complex for some reason or another. We've seen two people taken out of here by ambulance already. Also, there is no lighting on the stairways, and they refuse to install them. It's very dark and dangerous at night. Also, the washer & Driers are constantly broken and they will go months without fixing them. This company is a scam. From what others have said, they charge you an $800 deposit, collect your rent, refuse to fix the pest problems forcing you to move out, refuse to give back your deposit, and then they send you to collections. STAY AWAY!!
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The Dunes

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