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The Dunes



Resident · 2012 - 2015
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Office Staff
For your health and well being do not move in here!!!!!! The manager is a complete waste of space and time. She might appear like a professional lady but wait until you move in and everything will change. We never get pest control maintenance and this lady never informs you about things that might cause some inconveniences in your routine. One of them is that she calls plumbing service for whatever the reason and they shut off the water service...... Right... Some people need to take a shower before work, but oh well.... She will keep quiet about it, she loves to surprise us. Another one is that she will walk in to your apartment without telling you, she has the keys to all apartment rooms, she let a guy in to fix the door without even knocking the goddam door first, I was on my pajamas and the guy saw me half naked (this was during summer, my sleepwear was panties and a cotton blouse) she opened the door for him and ... She simply let him working there.... She left.... What if I wasn't home ? We have money there and other valuable stuff. The "gated" parking lots often have their lights out. The manager keeps forever to fix this issue, she sends her husband to fix it after a year later. There is also surprise montly rent increase without a moderately heads up notice. She also said "no pets allowed " and guess who has a dog of her own? Yup... She has her own pet. She also promised the place was a quiet place.... Yeah right. This lady was singing karaoke at 3 am once. She also forgot to tell us, or more likely she once again was negligent about the needs of the tenants, that a film studio was going to be taking place here.... The "actors" and "directors" were yelling really early in the morning, but also those people were kind enough to close the street I drive in for work..no problem........... This was an inconvenience because besides having my sleep hours short I also had my paycheck short for arriving late, this lady could've of giving us a notice that said they would close the streets, but no!!!! Oh and also! Yes! We have a horde of roaches everywhere!!! In the kitchen, in the restroom, in the room, in the walls, in the plates, in the table......... They aren't afraid of you anymore, they are bigger in numbers. But if you thought the roaches weren't enough.. Guess what!? We also got mice!!!!!!! I hear them trapped inside my walls and I have captured 4 of them. I also heard my neighbor scream at her encounter with one of them "un raton!!!" But it seems the lady knows about it.... Her solution? She placed 4 rodent boxes to the sides of the garbage bins. And yes, the laundry facilities are facilities of money for management only. They get free money because they keep the coins but do not work. Do find a better place.
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The Dunes

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