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Happypariss • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2006
I have been living in Anacapa for the past 9 months. The staff seemed nice as soon as i gave my 30-day notice they became unreasonable. The nice facade they put up suddenly changed. The manager Marcus does not listen to what you have to say he just keeps repeating himself and is not helpful. I signed up for automatic debit when I signed the lease. They did not inform me that it takes a while for the automatic debit to take into effect and that the following month I had to drop off a check. As a result, I was late on my rent because I thought they were going to take it out of my bank account. When my lease was up I went from month to month again they didn’t inform me that when the rent amount changes they can’t do automatic debit and that I had to drop off a check. As a result they have charged me a late fee and stated if I don’t pay the late fee they will not accept my rent (a nice way of saying we will throw you out). I felt so disrespected especially because I was a good tenant. I am an educated professional who has owned a home in the past and has never been late on any payments. They don’t understand the term customer service. When I explained to them that this was not my fault they would not even listen and take responsibility for their lack of communication. If you decide to live there make sure you ask a lot of questions because they are not clear and they blame it on you.
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