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2801 Alton Parkway

Irvine, CA 92606



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Office Staff
MLP74 • Resident 2015 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/11/2016
I lived at Calypso Apartments for two years and just moved out. Calypso was owned by Monogram which recently sold their interests to Greystar, who owns this property now. Once the property was sold about 6 months ago, the changes and problems started to occur. The leasing staff and management under Monogram "were" great. They had a solid leasing team, office staff, and the maintenance guys were great. If I had a problem, they came right away. Everyone was friendly and we had some pretty good neighbors. We liked this property because it was in a great location in the IUSD. The only problem I had prior to Greystar coming in was that our car was broken into in the parking garage in a string of car robberies that happened during a three month period. The management upped the security and then it immediately stopped. I was "never" bothered by the office and they pretty much left the tenants alone except for the annual fire alarm inspection which was an all day event. Fast forward to the letter we received saying Greystar was buying this property. Once a week I would get some letter from the office saying they needed to enter my apartment, or make changes for some random reason. In 30 days they came into my apartment three times. I got warning letters about how to keep my outdoor patio and how they would come to inspect everyone within 3 days. (They never did). I got letters about a new security company being hired. Two weeks after that letter, my car was towed inside our garage and I had to pay $300 to get it out of impound. Tow trucks drive around inside the garage looking for people to tow for violations.Then there was the inspection letter about the complex needing to see every apartment for the pending sale of the community. They came twice about that. Later there was the memo about changing trash service to "valet living"- a ridiculous trash service that picks up in front of your door in the evenings. Every floor has a trash chute. There wasn't a problem with me walking my bag to the trash but the community decided we needed this new amenity- complete with smaller, black, ugly trashcans we were forced to use. Every night, supposedly, with the exception of the weekends in which trash was NOT picked up, they would come and get your garbage. What they didn't tell us is that we were going to be charged for this service every month in our utility bill. On at least two occasions, the trash company just didn't show up. And if it doesn't fit inside a neatly tied bag, they won't take it. If you have your trash out before or after their pick up time, they fine you. Imagine the smell of trash as you walk down the hallway... Once the community was sold, they decided to re-wire the entire building for AT
Calypso Apartments and Lofts Manager06/14/2016

Thank you for your review. We're happy to hear that your overall experience at Calypso has been positive, and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your concerns. Safety is one of our top priorities, and we strive to ensure that all of our residents feel comfortable and secure in their home. Please contact the office at your earliest convenience to discuss this issue in further detail.

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