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Harvard Manor Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2008
Let me just list the problems with this place for those future tenents to consider before signing the contract. 1) Sandy Parker is the rudest manager I have ever come in contact with 2) The trash shoots at the end of the hall ways clog up every month making the hall ways smell like putrid trash. 3) The underground parking lot tends to leak some odd substances from the ceiling which stain your car. 4) When your neighbor's flush their toilet, it sounds like a submarine just shot off a torpedo 5) Juan, the one and only maintainance guy, is MIA and a "Jack of all trades and master of NONE" 6) If you have an upstairs neighbor, get ready to here a stampede go across your ceiling every time your upstairs neighbor takes a walk. 7) Did I mention Sandy is seriously the worst manager ever? 8) If you enjoy the screams of children, don't worry you can hear it in the hallways every day outside of your front door. 9) The pipes make the unexplainable noise where you think the pipes are about to blow up and you are about to have a major flood occur 10) Every piece of wood in these apartments are termite infested 11) Expect your garbage disposal to clog up after putting a shred of lettuce into it or even a glass of water.. 12) Although the fridge is free it's a piece of crap 13) In the summer, when it gets really hot, something in the pipes make your apt smell like the local dump with some fresh hot doodoo. Bad. very bad. In conclusion, this place is a craphole. Do not move in. Do not read the good reviews posted because it's probably manangement posting to save face. Cherry on top, didn't get much of my deposit back. Thanks for nothing, Sandy.
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Harvard Manor Apartments

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