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Las Palmas



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
I ve lived at Las Palmas for 9 moths. Previously, I lived in Parkwest apartments in Irvine. I did not opt to renew the lease at Las Palmas (at an increase from 1685 to 1800 a month). Las Palmas is overpriced for the environment provided. The landscaping is beautiful and the work out center is decent (no bench). Proximity to the marketplace is a definite plus and the lap pool is great (when temperatures are warmer because they don t heat it to a tolerable temperature in the winter). Parking is not really an issue, though they do not actually monitor the two car policy. There has always been guest parking when I ve had friends over too. There is a running path directly behind the complex also. Washer/Dryer and fridge are included in the price. <br><br>Here are the things that I do not like about Las Palmas.<br><br>The doors to the rooms are hollow and therefore not very good at keeping out sound. Our floor plan as the one with a bedroom right off the kitchen meaning, kitchen noises came through the hollow door. The apartment got up to 85 in the summer time and down to 63 in the winter time, to keep the apartment at 70 in the summer cost over 70 a month in electricity only! The window that faced down onto Las Palmas Dr. was not properly weatherproofed, so it leaked air (increasing heating and cooling costs). The sodium lamps (yellow lights) that light the corridor in between complexes make it so that your bedroom will never be completely dark at night time (even with blinds fully closed). The complex is not quiet either. Voices will echo in the corridor between units, and with two different tenants above us over the span of 9 months, we could hear their music, television, conversations and foot steps. By the way, the garage door broke over 10 times in 9 months ..that was a pain, but maybe an isolated occurrence out of the whole apartment complex.<br><br>All in all, Las Palmas is not a bad apartment complex. It has great amenities. But, the rent of $1685 a month is not worth it. At 800 sq ft, the apartment is small, and not nearly enough space for two people (Parkwest Apartments was 1000 sq ft). $1800 a month is just a rip-off that only the Irvine company could come up with, especially when they are advertising $1675 on their website for apartments. The must figure, they have you by the balls, so they can raise the rent on you . Also, in 9 moths time, I saw several moving vans .which I think means that there is a high turnover rate in the complex. I didn t see that many moving vans in the 2 years that I lived at Parkwest apartments.<br><br>If after reading this review you still want to rent in Las Palmas, then go to their website through rental-living.com. They have some special deals on apartments that most likely haven t been rented in a few months. Even as they want to raise my rent to $1800, they are advertising apartments for $1675. Also, I found them on craigslist, so they may be offering the discounted prices through there also.<br>
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Las Palmas

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