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San Carlo Apartments



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
Did any of us stop to think that these employees are not paid enough to hear us whinning residents complain all the time. Everyday constant calling with lame, common sense questions, like how much is my rent, is it to late to pay my rent, or why is my neighbor staring at me all the time, or how about I want to park in that parking spot, why does my neighbor get to park their all the time. Here's a good one, " why is my neighbor walking their dog in front of my home all the time... Like these employees have time to hear this stuff. And we wonder why they never answer the phone- because the weird, whinning, big baby residents. hello, if you don't like it - BUY A HOME- DUHHHH!! I mean think about it, 300 and some apartments with different lifestyles and wack jobs living here with some normal people and you get this crazy community. People get a life and stop taking pictures of your neighbors minding there own freakin business. If you want some advice - Don't live in the Ibiza Aisle section or the Greco Aisle section - WEIRDO'S LIVE THERE !!!Just pay your rent, follow the rules and use some common sense. Be courteous to your neighbors and if you don't want to abide by the rules - LEAVE, DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT ! oH, and mind your own business and remember the staff does not care to hear about your life history for a half an hour daily. News Flash: San Carlo and all other IAC building are not the bakery, so stop visiting daily for cookies, they are for guest. Grow Up and quit being so weird. And if your planning on sueing them, think about it. Your little, their BIG... You'll lose... even the employees loose... so in the end... they use all of us ! Thanks for reading.
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San Carlo Apartments

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