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San Carlo Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
this place is horrible...complete hell! As I'm writing this.. 12:30 a.m. ..they are towing cars that are in "guest parking". At the beginning they tell you, "oh parking in never a problem...you and your guests can park anywhere...BS! They give you 1 permit for a family with 4 cars!!! The guy who is towing the cars just told us that the office managment told them that they should give 3 warnings and then tow!!! Even if the cars are in the "white guest parking"!!! WTF! I hate this place, the managment sucks, they never answer the phone....EVER! Don't bother leaving a msg cause they will never return your call. After calling them 20 times, the manager's excuse is "oh i called you and left a msg" BS!!! they don't take care of ANYTHING!The place is dirty,bunch of kids running around in the streets...running infront of cars... and oh yea good luck in the summer...these damn trees shed some orange looking fruit, and your cars, carpet, and shoes will be stained, and the rest of the year the property is stained! When I asked them to please send someone to clean up the place...they said "these trees have been here forever and they will be after you leave, so your only choice is to leave"! wow! It got so bad that I had to contact the corp and ask them for help...even then nothing changed on the managment's part.It took them 2 months to come change the damn toilet bowl, which was cracked when we moved in. cabinet doors in the kitchen are falling apart. They gave us hell when we told them to come wash the carpet when we were due for one. We lived here for a year and half...and I'm breaking my lease and getting the hell out of this S hole! The staff is rude and useless. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
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San Carlo Apartments

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