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San Carlo Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2016
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Office Staff
I am a very friendly and forgiving person so it's tough to have to write a negative review but I feel obligated to do so. Reading all of the reviews here I can not agree more. I rent a 3bedroom and as you can see on the price-range they are pricey. For 3+ thousand per month you would expect quality apartments, courteous staff and a safe and quiet neighborhood. Not one of those 3 expectations are met here. We have lived here for almost 4 years. The carpet had stains from previous tenants that began to show within a week of moving in, the shower is peeling and the seal is peeling and has a disgusting tendency to stay mildewed, there's de lamination in the floors, cabinets chronically fall off the hinges....I could go on. My car has been broken into and I've had items stolen from my garage and when I went to the office they were so non-chalant about it I realized this must be a common issue. NOT ok for an Irvine property but I also see they rent out a lot to section-8 so I can see where those issues come from. I am beside myself with each and every encounter I've had with office personnel, Jennifer primarily. She answers the phone like an angel and once she's realized she's speaking to a tenant she changes into something else. She's curt, uses a condescending tone and is very sarcastic. Unbelievable. I see that this is so common I wonder why she's still employed? Incredible. I have never had this kind of interaction with Apartment management or landlord. I could almost accept some of the nuisances we experience here if the management team were at least approachable, professional and at least a little friendly. Counting down the days till my lease is up! Run the other way. Do NOT lease here; read all of these reviews you can. It's a nightmare, an expensive nightmare and that's the worst part.
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San Carlo Apartments

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