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San Carlo Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
PLEASE READ BEFORE LEASING HERE, Don't be fooled by the few positive reviews: DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! I would avoid this place like the plague. In fact, I would avoid any Irvine Company place if possible (which I know is hard if you live in Irvine/Newport). I read all the reviews and it's clear that the positive ones are by employees or Irvine Company sales staff. Some people have written reviews after being here only a couple of months. Are you kidding? Just give it some and they'll be sure to screw you. HERE IS THE TRUTH (see my pics in my yelp review at https://www.yelp.com/biz/san-carlo-villa-irvine): 1. Watch out for the Bait-and-Switch: The unit you are shown will look dramatically different from what you will be given. I am attaching a few pictures from our move in day where our unit looked horrible as we were moving in (see attached pics)! After three months of back and forth, the maintenance staff was finally able to address most of the issues. Staff's response to the damaged blinds was that these were custom designed when the property was constructed and they don't have any replacements! WTF??? Also, for the first few months of our lease, management decided to have work done on the roof of our unit. Every day we would be wake up to huge banging noise throughout the community. Not sure why these would need months to complete.There is always some form of construction going on throughout the property so be ready for lots of noise and disruption notices. 2. Prepare to be trapped in Renewal Hell: We moved in thinking that this might be a place we could live for a few years. Ten months into our lease, we receive a letter stating that the rent will increase at renewal by $250 a month! The month-to-month rate was over $800 more than our original rent. So we were faced with the difficult option of being forced to sign the renewal to avoid have to move our family twice within a year. What's additionally frustrating is that they had a promotion on for 2 weeks of free rent for new move ins but nothing for renewals. Basically they want to draw you into signing a lease with them and screw you over when you are trapped. I have heard that this is a serious problem throughout Irvine Company communities. 3. Clueless Management: The "management office" has the authority of a squirrel or at least they pretend to. They can probably push for some maintenance tasks for you, but are more very skilled at giving you the "this is corporate policy" and "we have no authority here". Do not expect anything from these guys. They seem to make rules on the fly... 4. Hidden Costs: There are a few costs that are charged to you on top of your rent and utilities that you should account for. Make sure to add $15 - $20 in monthly renters insurance and add another $20 - $30 a month for trash removal (depending on the number of people living in the apartment). This is ironic because the trash never seems to be removed from the community (see in uploaded pics). 5. Other: I could get into a lot of other things like the lack of parking, general poor maintenance of common areas, noisy kids, etc. but I think you guys get the idea... In summary, DO NOT LEASE FROM THESE CRIMINALS! The Irvine Company takes advantage of the fact that they have a monopoly in the Irvine market and will do everything they can to trap you, extract every penny from you, and treat you like ---- if you try to do something about it. If you still want to go ahead and move here, may god have mercy on your soul!
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San Carlo Apartments

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