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San Carlo Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2008
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
We were first attracted to San Carlo because of the tranquil settings and location. Aeshetically, the complex is attractive, but there are several problems with living here. 1. Management does not return phone calls. If possible, do not leave voicemail messages. The hinges came off the shoddy kitchen cabinets. Two phone calls left on voice mail during business hours. No return phone call. Maintenance staff is great! They were responsive, helpful and courteous. 2. Ant invasions. Don't bother asking management for help. Buy your own ant bait (Terro works best). 3. Prehistoric giant roaches outside at night. About 1.5 to 2 inches. All over the outside walls. I saw one fall into the bushes and fly back on the wall! Not kidding! Also, saw one household roach walking on the counter before we moved out. 4. ------- in the rental office is snotty and rude. Avoid dealing with her. The rest of the girls aren't that much more helpful. ----------- was great. 5. The floors and walls are paper thin. The neighbors had an 8 to 10 year old boy upstairs who found it necessary to run at full speed from room to room. I finally went up there at 9:00 am on a Sunday to ask the boy to stop his dance video game on the living room floor. The noise continued after 4 phone calls to management. This is what I hear on a regular basis: a. The husband got up at 5:30 to pee in the second bathroom b. Grandma chopped veggies/food for dinner at 4:00 every day c. Boy got home from school at 3:15 d. Couple fought a lot. Wife would push husband. They fought in ------- and I wished I could understand. e. Boy also fell or jumped out of bed every morning. f. Boy took shower at 9:00 pm. g. Wife would blast notalgic music in ------- in the afternoon. How did I hear all this? THE WALLS AND FLOORS ARE PAPER THIN! 6. Parking rules are not enforced. Expect to share your parking space with visitors. When you come home tired from work and your husband/wife has the garage, don't expect to find a spot close to your apartment because the neighbor's guests are visiting. 7. Upon moving out you are treated more rudely than ever before. Also we are being charged $450.00 for treating urine stains in areas that were NOT accessible to cats and contained furniture and storage boxes the entire time we were living there! 8. The apartment was tiny. 9. We lived an Villa Coronado before moving to San Carlo. Much nicer place to live and the managment is more professional.
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San Carlo Apartments

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