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Toscana Apartments



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bookworm123 • Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2005
I spent 2 years in toscana. Goods and bads. What most people say is true, the elevators suck but never enough to ruin my day or anything, and there's always the stairs! I never had a problem with noise. My apartments both years were in the far corners of the complexes which I recommend. Secondly, parking isn't good on weekends or after 7 pm, but that was never a problem for me cause I'd do my errands mid-day and take the bus to school or work. With a little ingenuity or compromise with roommates it can work. <br>and for some reason the most awful fire alarm I've ever heard would go off around 6am when it rained. That happened like 4 times, but if you tape a sock over the speaker like i did its just enough to let you know whats going on. Every time it happened I saw the maintenanca guys run to fix it and te fire dept was speedy so i guess its kind of a good thing.<br>I can't knock the space at all. for a 1 bedroom we fit 3 girls vewry comfortably. The apt was totally clean when we got it, and when our microwave broke down at 10 pm at night, it was new so it must have been faulty wiring, the maintenance guys fixed it before 12 the next morning. the staff was always super nie to me. I loved the workout room cause it had ellipticals, was never crowded, and had cable tv. the lounge aread was really pretty too with a nice view<br>O yeah, I didn't hear about cars being broken in to, but my last 3 months there i saw a cop car parked outside all the time, so i guess that was for thiefs <br>I'm pretty laid back so the little things that freak people out like parking at 10 pm or construction never really bothered me, over all i enjoyed it
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Toscana Apartments

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