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Villa Siena



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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2005
After moving out of Villa Siena, I received my security deposit statement in the mail. My $500 deposit was depleted completely (routine cleaning, paint, and prorated rent), AND on top of that I owed them upwards of $1,600.00. The bulk of this amount was for a carpet replacement. First of all, there are several things wrong here. #1, there were no recipts for the services I was being charged for on the statement. Per the California Civil Code Sec.1950.5, the landlord must provide the tenant a copy of the bill, invoice, or receipt supplied by the person performing the work for all move-out charges. There were NO RECEIPTS attached to the statement. #2, I know the carpet was in decent condition when I moved out (and have pictures to prove it), the unit was only a year old, and we are the second tenants to occupy the space. #3, Putting all aside, I found out from the new tenants that moved in after I moved out that the carpet WAS NEVER REPLACED in the first place! No wonder Villa Siena couldn't provide a receipt for something that never took place... The new tenants are supposed to benefit from this invisible new carpet? What a joke. To me, this is clearly extortion, and I'm thinking about hiring an attorney if they don't remove the charges with an apology. The scary thing is: how many other people in the 1400 unit community have they done this too? Just beware anyone who is thinking of renting here (or already lived here) to scrutinize your move out statement, and ask that all receipts be provided to you. Do not be let them take advantage of you to get your hard-earned money.
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Villa Siena

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