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Windwood Glen Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/21/2004
wow...i didn't even know about the 7-11 murder weapon in the dumpsters. i live right in front of it too. i heard the cops come, but i wasn't sure what was going on. <br> <br>i've been here for almost a year now. we got a good deal moving in and after our lease was up they raised the rent on us 400 bucks (typical iac i guess). <br> <br>i got a letter from management for leaving a towel outside to dry for a day. that was pretty dumb. <br> <br>noise was a big thing for me. we were right by the pool and everyday you could hear loud kids outside even with the windows closed. at night it gets pretty warm in the apt and you need to leave the windows opened. when the windows are opened, you can hear people with their loud cars or just talking loud. there are a lot of kids that just run around and play in the parking lot. <br> <br>the grounds are decent and the gardeners come every week. they come very early in the morning and their tools will usually wake you up. <br> <br>also late at night you hear people's alarms going off and nobody turning them off. i used to look out the window to make sure nobody was getting jacked, but nobody was around. sometimes i'd have my windows opened and there would be people smoking outside and it would come into my room (on the 2nd floor). <br> <br>when we first moved the management was really nice to us. after the second month you could tell how nice they really were. parking seems to be worse now too. i used to be able to get a good spot in front of the apt every day. now i have to park on the other lot because all the spots are full. <br> <br>the rooms sizes aren't too bad. typical irvine. but this complex is an older one compared to the others out here. the price isn't too bad (the first price we got) but you do get what you pay for. <br> <br>not too sure about how the noise is when you live downstairs because we were upstairs. we got complaints because of our sound system. and we have turned it down since. so i guess the sound insulation isn't that great considering we weren't listening to it that loud. we couldn't really hear much downstairs.
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Windwood Glen Apartments

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