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La Jolla Crossroads



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cautionrenter • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/14/2005
I know alot of tenanants will always have complaints, but this is no joke...this is very serious. There are too many to list, but I will name a few so this will help make up your mind into not renting from La Jolla Crossroads. First, let me say, do NOT let the name fool you. I feel like I'm living in a construction zone downtown. Construction is 6 days /wk, from 7am (sometimes 6:30am) till 4:30-5 ish. You have to keep your windows shut all day everyday except Sundays, so forget about fresh air, you have to turn your A/C on if it's hot because dust & noise will come through your windows. Secondly,the alarms in the buildings as well as your apartment goes off very frequently for no known reason. Aparently, "they" say that alarms are very sensitive...so when someone burns toast...the whole buildings alarm goes off. It's gotton to the point that NO one comes out of their apartment when this happens because it's a regular occurance. They've promised the Clubhouse be done in June, just in time for summer; that didn't happer, then they said August...now they're saying September & the month is almost over! They say you can use the sister property for those needs, but it's 1 mile away & you have to wait or get someone's attention to let you in the pool or gym. And forget about attending exercise classes; they are frequently canceled or too full 1/2 hour or more before class starts due to people living there just walks right over to sign up & goes back home...but we don't have that luxury to walk over...you have to drive there & stay there or drive back home after signing up for class. Is it worth it? Hell no. I don't even try to attend exercise classes anymore; I've given up. Elevators are being used as service elevators & always have movers in them & you have to wait 10 to get down to your car or walk down flights of stairs (6 to be exact). Front doors have no peek holes in them. Leasing office nevers answers phone...seriously. Walls & doors are paper thin & people run down halls, screem, & play loud music you can hear in the halls. Security & parking are a joke. The manager, Carol, just blows off any requests or questions that you have & treats problems like they are no big deal. More buildings on this property are being opened & you have to wonder if it will be more chaotic. This apartment community is a nightmare & you can check resident's comments at link below. Thanks for stopping by & reading this post...you have some very good insight that others will not.<br>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lajollacrossroadsapts
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La Jolla Crossroads

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