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Monte Vista



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abmicro • Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2014
Lived there for over a year and thought it was too expensive, had too many dogs, and took an unfair amount from my deposit when I moved. Complex allows dogs and a dog probably lived in my unit before I moved in. Carpet looked clean, but later discovered that it was flea infested. I had to buy flea bombs to kill the fleas. Slept somewhere else 1 night and left the flea bombs run all night with smoke detectors off. Came back and put flea powder on the carpets, and flea killing carpet powder which you vacuum up after a few hours. It worked, but I did not like the fact that I had to do that. If a dog lived there, they should have changed out the carpets and put flea killer before renting it to the next guy. All the neighbors dogs on both sides of me and the neighbor in front of me had barking dogs. The slightest sound outside, or somebody coming home at 2 AM in the morning triggered all the barking dogs everywhere. Woke me up every night. Management is money hungry and removed from reality. After my year was up, they wanted to raise my rent, a lot. I said I would sign another 6 months if they offered the same rent as before. Local manager was able to shorten to 7 months but at a much higher rent. I had already decided not to sign another year. Local manager sent my request to the CEO. I never heard back, so I asked the local manager if there was any news. She said no news. So, I gave notice and moved out. Just like the day I moved in, same as the day I moved out. Still big for rent signs and balloons everywhere to lure in tenants. Complex is never fully occupied, because they have no interest in retaining tenants. I don't blame local management, they have no control. I blame the upper management. They took most of my deposit when I left, even after hiring a professional cleaner. Ripoff. Don't live there.
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Monte Vista

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