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Monte Vista



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/12/2017
This complex is a to begin? Ever since MG properties took over, this is an awful place to live. There is CONSTANT construction and it's like living in a construction zone. The construction men frequently yell, invade areas they shouldn't (like other patios), and disrespect the fact that people LIVE here. Because of the construction, water is turned off FREQUENTLY, often without notice. The staff in the leasing office are incredibly rude. Especially Vanessa and Josh. I have heard them frequently yell at residents. They also always give you the run around whenever you ask about things happening in the complex. For example, if you call to say that your hot water is off, they'll say "no it's not; it shouldn't be." Well great, but it is? Parking is terrible and the office won't do anything about it expect make you pay extra for a spot. Get this--for a week, mail was stopped to put in regulation mailboxes. They put in new boxes and mail never came BECAUSE the new boxes ARE NOT REGULATION! So our mail is currently lost and I think this demonstrates how incredibly ineffective the staff is if they ordered mail boxes and didn't even check to make sure that they meet regulations. Also, hot water and gas has been off for 48 hours for emergency repair with no end in sight and the complex will not cover hotels so residents can shower. It's funny that they suddenly say a gas leak is an emergency when the smell of gas by the pools has been extremely noticeable for about a year. Yet suddenly it's disrupting our entire life. In sum, the staff is awful, the complex is a construction zone, but the grounds are pretty? Don't live here. Oh, and they make you pay for your neighbors to wash clothes because they split water costs by unit even for those people who don't have washers. Fantastic.
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Monte Vista

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