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Monte Vista



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Twollblue • Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/25/2018
I can't give this complex a bad enough rating. If there were negative stars, they would get them. Let's start from the beginning: I moved into the complex in September 2017. On the walk through, it seemed fine. I was told about all the exterior renovations underway and the inside of the apartments had all been renovated as well. Seemed nice enough, so I signed a one-year lease. Immediately upon moving in, I began to smell a foul odor in my apartment that smelled like rotting meat. I then discovered that the neighbor living below me parties on a non-stop basis. The perpetual smell of marijuana permeates my unit and the bass from his stereo literally rocks my floorboards. My son and I can't read, watch tv or have a peaceful meal as the music blasts all throughout the day and night. It appears my neighbor doesn't work, and if he does, he doesn't work much. I went you speak with the front office management about this and was told that the tenant has medical issues which she couldn't discuss because of HIPAA laws. However, she put all the work on me and told me that if I started calling the police after each occurrence, then document the calls for service with her, that would assist her in building a case on my neighbor. Other than that, I was told there's nothing much they could do. My upstairs neighbor recently mentioned the issues he was having with the neighbor's noise. I am not alone in this regard. In addition to the horrible neighbor living below me, it should be mentioned that there is no storage in these units. My groceries are stacked on the kitchen floor. There's nowhere to put anything. The heating in my unit is awful. The water trickles out of my shower. The outside walkways, including the area in front of my door are absolutely filthy. There are 2 hot tubs on the property - one is freezing cold and the other is pitch black at night, creating a safety hazard. I recently received notification on my vehicle that management was going to tow my car for having expired registration. I never received my 2018 tag, but my registration was current. I went to talk to the front office staff about this and was told they don't want people storing non-operable vehicles on their property. My vehicle was built in 2016 and is completely operable. I informed management that they had no business enforcing the California Vehicle Code by requiring their tenants to be current on their registration. They disagreed with me. I asked to be moved to a new unit and management wouldn't entertain it. I asked to break my $1,950 per month (2 bedroom, 1 bath) lease penalty free and I was told to pound sand. I'm now forced to handle this matter civilly, as I refuse to live this way with my teenage son. MG Properties does not appear to recognize that tenants have legal rights under California law, but they will soon be educated on the matter. Front office management couldn't be any ruder. They have emotionless expressions on their faces as if their soles had been sucked from them. They demonstrate that they really could care less. Do yourself a favor, steer clear of this dumpy little complex and keep looking. There are plenty of choices out there in this price range. Lastly, I have no doubt that MG Properties will give a cookie-cutter response to this post that they care, are concerned about my issues, etc. I say this because they put that template language on my Yelp review stating how much they care and want to turn my one star into five. But in a subsequent telephone conversation, I was informed that there was nothing they would be willing to do for me.
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Monte Vista

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